2023 Rates

Fluke (8 hours)       $750 Bait. Bucktails and gulp not supplied.

Blues (8 hours)       $750 Bait or jigging. Night trips also available.

Bottom (8 hours)      $750 Sea Bass, Blackfish, Ling, Porgies 

Stripers (8 hours)    $750 Jigging, bait or trolling. Clams provided.

Shark (10-12 hours)    $1350 Up to 40 miles.

Inshore Tuna       $1500 Bait or trolling. Up to 50 miles.
(10-12 hours)

Canyon Tuna
(16-18 hour
 trolling)             $2600 Leave around 11 pm and return the next afternoon.

Canyon Tuna        $3400 Depending on fishing. Troll, chunk or jig during the day.
(24-30 hour troll                 Chunk at night. All tuna belong to the charter.
    and chunk)          

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